Middle Market

Our middle market strategy seeks to unlock and drive growth within established market-leading healthcare businesses that we believe are well-positioned to deliver innovative and disruptive solutions to the U.S. healthcare market:

We have been successfully partnering with like-minded executives, institutional investors, and corporations for the past 15 years.

We deploy a highly flexible strategy that allows us to customize the attributes of our capital in a way that best fits the needs of our partners.

We have completed ~40 investments alongside other leading private equity firms in situations where we contribute our unique market insight and value creation capabilities.

Our extensive commercial, advisor, and talent networks enable us to enhance business building beyond providing capital.

As a multi-stage investor with additional strategies beyond middle market investing, we have visibility across the business lifecycle of healthcare companies, which enables us to provide unique and invaluable insight.

Investing Criteria

Revenue and Growth

Mature businesses with growth characteristics


Greater than $15 million

Investment size

$50+ million


Flexible; majority or minority