Our unique DNA brings together extensive experience, an expert team of critical thinkers and a drive to understand the complexities, and opportunities, in the healthcare industry.



Founded in 2011, TT Capital Partners is one of the country's leading investors in growth-stage and middle market healthcare technology and services companies.




TT Capital Partners has invested in some of the most innovative and transformational healthcare IT, technology-enabled services, and clinical services companies – including more than 20 investments as the lead investor and ~40 investments alongside other leading private equity firms.




We understand that strategically or financially aligning with a new partner can be one of the most meaningful events in the history of a company. Our team comprises 20+ professionals with backgrounds in banking, executive management, corporate finance, equity research, consulting, and public accounting, and brings 300+ years of collective insight and experience in healthcare.


Healthcare Focus


We are differentiated by our exclusive focus on healthcare. Our industry insight and relationships forged over decades enable us to drive value creation for our portfolio companies and investors.

Multi-Stage Investor


We gain unique visibility across the business lifecycle in healthcare by investing in growth-stage and middle market businesses. This symbiotic relationship between our strategies provides invaluable insight for our businesses and for our investors.


With a firm understanding of where the market has been, and where it is going - we strive to maximize outcomes, identify areas of alignment and accelerate growth and impact across healthcare.

Guiding Principles

1. Excellence

We compete and excel by knowing our space and honing our craft better than anyone.  Being the most knowledgeable is a never-ending journey and we pride ourselves on being a trusted source of information for our clients, colleagues and the broader marketplace.

2. Integrity

Sometimes the desire to win, the structure of financial incentives in our industry, or other influences result in ‘justifying’ a short-cut or something that is wrong.  We stand up for what is right by giving honest advice that is in the best interest of our clients.

3. Partners First

Without clients, investors, portfolio companies and other partners, we don’t have a business.  Our partners view us as their trusted advisor and expect us to put forth our full effort. In return, we must consider them in everything we do.  Ultimately, driving value for our partners and ensuring their satisfaction is fundamental to the firm’s success.

4. Confidentiality

Our business involves the regular exchange of highly confidential information. Earning and maintaining the trust of our partners and each other is paramount.

5. Reliability

Our word is our bond.  Partners and colleagues rely on us to be accountable for our words and actions. We must do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

Our words and deeds determine how we distinguish ourselves as a trusted advisor and team member.

6. Teamwork

Open and challenging collaboration is part of our culture. We push each other to be better in ways that build stronger capabilities.

7. Mutual Respect

Respecting and listening to each other is critical. Challenging ourselves and each other to be better is imperative to personal and corporate growth. Maintaining honesty, fairness and sensitivity in public and private forums is key.

8. Results Orientation

A great firm depends on hard work to get the job done. We continue to set ourselves apart as an industry leader by meeting and exceeding our partner expectations.

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