Transformational Event


Integra ServiceConnect (“Integra”) partnered with government-sponsored health plans to engage complex members and connect them to resources that support payer care and quality measures. Integra executed the “last mile of engagement” by deploying a community health worker model to reach unengaged patients in the community. Integra’s ability to engage otherwise unable-to-reach members created value for health plans by boosting quality scores and supporting medical cost management initiatives such as emergency room avoidance.

Value Creation

  • Provided warm introductions to top leaders at health plans and other strategic players across the country
  • Recruited experienced CEO to lead the company following the founder’s retirement
  • Supported multiple operational initiatives including pricing, account planning, and sales positioning
  • Led sourcing and execution of transformative merger that transitioned Integra from an engagement point solution into an end-to-end clinical and social solutions provider for complex Medicaid and Medicare members
  • Led efficient integration process that was completed within 60 days of closing a transformative merger

TT Capital Partners’ industry knowledge and broad reach across healthcare were instrumental in opening our next chapter, as Integra ServiceConnect combined with MedZed to create an innovative company meeting the needs of a growing segment of the healthcare ecosystem.

Rick Hassett, former CEO of Integra ServiceConnect


In the spring of 2020, Integra merged with MedZed, a provider of virtual primary and palliative care to complex Medicaid and Medicare patients. Integra and MedZed’s solutions are highly complementary, giving the combined business core competencies in engagement and clinical services to drive clear ROI for health plans.

Today, the company’s comprehensive solution and in-home care model are driving outsized growth among health plans and adoption among complex patients in need.