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An Educational Podcast: Sourcing Strategies from a Value-Add Investor

February 18, 2022

Sourcing deals, finding opportunities to deploy capital on behalf of limited partners, is a top priority for any private equity firm, and TT Capital Partners (TTCP) is no exception. Adam Letson, Principal at TTCP, explores the importance of sourcing from the perspective of a private equity firm in a recent guest podcast for Redpath & Company, a Minneapolis-based CPA firm.

“At TTCP, our job is to find great businesses to partner with and invest in where we think our approach, expertise, strategy and network are aligned with the company, board and management team,” Letson said.

TTCP leverages a healthy mix of sourcing strategies to identify the best investment opportunities, including working with intermediaries like investment banks, conducting thematic outreach, and leveraging its extensive network.

Letson also discussed how TTCP uniquely adds value to the companies it invests in. “Simply having money is not a differentiator,” he said. “Because of our deep healthcare sector expertise, our extensive network, and our differentiated operations program, we show up differently. We provide strategic insights. We facilitate new customer introductions. We accelerate revenue growth. We help scale operations. We source and secure top talent. We’re a thought partner to our portfolio companies.”

Check out the full podcast episode below to hear more from Adam about how TTCP finds opportunities, determines their potential, and provides a value-add approach to its investments.



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